About JobDega.com

JobDega.com is a part of Actberry Private Limited. It was founded by Mr. Kumar Pranay & Ms. Meenakshi Shrivastava. Both the founders having worked extensively in the field of Human Resource, Training & Skill Development find Recruitment, Training & Development Business in their DNA. Not only this, most of our staff have many years of experience in online recruiting and technology. We're inspired every day by our mission to better connect people together to create terrific job matches. We value our people and are building a wonderfully diverse team of passionate, innovative people. At JobDega.com, we connect people from diverse range of backgrounds and locations. We strive to make a product that makes a difference and one that helps build a just, equitable future for us all. We are committed to being an Equal Opportunity Employer ourselves and working with clients who respect both the law and spirit of equal opportunity employment. Further, we believe that, as we grow as a company, our success will be predicated on drawing from and amplifying a diverse range of voices, both internally and externally. We are a relatively small organization, but we are fortunate to have a vibrant and innovative staff from diverse backgrounds holding ourselves to a high standard of equity and inclusion.

Our Philosophy

Our fundamental belief is that happy people make successful companies. Having the right people and keeping them happy by providing them excellent benefits will naturally bring out the maximum productivity from them. We understand that people are the prime movers of growth. Every stakeholder will be able to enjoy the benefits of a happy workforce. The importance of keeping employees happy is an insight that we have invested in ever since we started operations. Regardless of whether it is Staffing or Technology Business we believe that placing the happiness and satisfaction of your employees as the company's top priority will bring about spectacular results and amazing productivity. The more you invest in your people, the higher their levels of commitment and enthusiasm, which directly translate to enhanced productivity and revenues.

It is this philosophy that has made us one of the fastest recruitment and staffing companies in India. We are highly sought-after as a staffing solutions provider because we are able to identify just the right match for our clients’ requirements. Our experienced team works in close partnership with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements and the culture of the organisation. Then we map the skills and aspirations of potential candidates from our talent pool against our client's needs to find the perfect match.

Our Core Values

Work ethic and respect for the individual ranks very high among our core values. We believe in leading changes and bringing about optimum productivity at the workplace. Honesty, integrity, and credibility are key values that we look for in all prospective employees before we can connect them to our clients. We also believe that constant learning and sharing creates a high performance culture which leads to consistent and sustainable performance over the long term.