Supply Chain Hiring

JobDega excellence while strategically aligning your Supply Chain Process using our contract staff.

We at JobDega have a deep understanding of the unique aspects of doing business and employing workforce in India. We are one of the leading supply chain staffing agency in India with a rich experience of supply chain management. We proudly possess an in-house team of specialists who have insightful knowledge of the complicated linkages in the supply chain. We endeavour to deliver a pool of skilled & unskilled workforce in bulk who can create net value for our clients. We are an established people management solutions provider with a customer-centric attitude and with a commitment to integrate critical business processes across the supply chains. Our clients can derive value while managing the flow of products upstream and downstream by utilising our temporary staff. In the pursuit of becoming your preferred contract supply chain staffing agency, we work rigorously to develop a workforce that can assist you in building a lean and agile supply chain.

Highlights of hiring temporary staff through a team of supply chain staffing specialist:

  • Domain expertise with a dedicated supply chain vertical staffing specialists
  • Strategic coordination at all levels
  • Zero bottlenecks
  • Significant cost savings related to recruitment and staff management

At JobDega, we incessantly create synchronisation across your supply chain by leveraging the power of the temporary workforce.

We offer skilled & quality contract staff for all the job roles including:

  • Loaders/Unloaders
  • Helpers
  • Shift & Floor Supervisors
  • Data Entry Operators
  • Drivers
  • Delivery Assistants
  • Pickers/Packers
  • Checkers
  • Quality Checkers & Assistants