Campus Recruitment Training

We have a team of experienced professionals in the field of talent acquisition and campus placements with experience in conducting campus recruitment training to get into top multinational companies and corporates of repute. Our focus is to provide the following benefits to participants Opportunity to learn from the grass-root. Opportunity to understand concepts and gain confidence. Opportunity to get counseled on the best available career. Opportunity to make the best decisions in life.

The training sessions for most of the courses are conducted in an interactive manner, which involves participation from the trainees while allowing them to understand the subject matter intrinsically. This is coupled with practical application of the theory, which makes it easier to understand, ingrain and apply the concepts in real-life situations. Jobdega through its panel of practitioners and experts from the industry helps students to get through an innovative training program that enables quick and active learning while ensuring their keen interest always remains in momentum.

Jobdega understands that Good training is a game of two halves i.e. content and delivery, and we work hard and smart to ensure we get them right, and each of these aspects is well-taken care of by our in-house team comprising of: 

  • Talent Acquisition Experts
  • Aptitude Trainers
  • Communication and Soft skills Experts
  • Instructional Designers 

The training is conducted in different methods depending upon the need of the subject. It involves chalkboard classroom, online video classes, PowerPoint or flipchart presentations, role-plays, group discussion, practical exercise, industry visits or a combination of any of the above. It is organized in an interesting format, which makes it captivating and engaging.

Recruitment Insight

According to National Employability Report (endorsed by NASSCOM), only 23.33% of the engineers & 26% of Non Technical graduates passing out every year are employable in India. Among them, 91.82% lack programming and algorithm skills, 80.23% lack soft and cognitive skills, 65% lack domain skills, 80.63% lack English speaking and comprehension skills and 57.96% have poor analytical and quantitative skills.

The low employability among students is a cumulative outcome of poor education standards and the higher demand for skilled employees, creating a drastic skill gap in the country.

Corporates look for candidates who have basic skills in order and don’t need much training on being hired. By the year 2030, the Indian IT industry alone will generate an additional 5 Million jobs but there will be the need for developing soft skills in Global Engineering Services. 

Placements are always constrained due to various factors which include changing economic scenarios and the skill-set of students required by the corporate. This situation coupled with the lack of awareness among the students about the options available after graduation and low self-confidence in an average student further limit options available for them on and off the campus. 

To overcome these hurdles, we should ask certain questions from ourselves: 

Are students confident enough to face the outside world? Are they ready to face the corporate turmoil? Are they trained enough to clear stringent placement processes of corporate? Are they aware of options available to them after graduation?

CRT Overview

Method & Modules 
Prior to starting the training workshop, a free seminar would be conducted at the college premises which would lay the foundation of basic understanding among students. It will be an interactive session that would cast some important insights in areas that would be covered. This session will give a brief idea to the students about the options available after graduation and our training methodology for campus recruitment.  

Segmentation Of Our Pedagogy:

  • Aptitude Training ( Quant/Verbal/Reasoning ) – Basic learning about Maths, English and Logical Reasoning oriented towards sharpening the analytical, logical, calculative and linguistic understanding of any individual.
  • PDP Training ( GD/PI/Role Play ) – One of the most important components required in every individual to sustain irrespective of the professional or social sphere. Targeted to eliminate the fear factor, public scrutiny, enhancing the personality quotient through attire and physical postures, confidence-building and real-life simulations to augment self-esteem.
  • Industry Learning ( Corporate Interaction/Industry Visits)- Experience sharing, guidance and mentoring from industry experts on what the corporate world is about, to establish and chase one’s ambitions and passions in the era of ever-increasing cutthroat competition with limited resources and rapidly changing economic scenario. 
  • IT Training ( PPT/Excel/Word ) – Job Oriented basic understanding of computer operations and its utilities in the corporate world irrespective of field or industry.