JOT Modules

Job Oriented Training

The main purpose of education and learning is to get a good job and a good career. Especially when it is in the context of freshers. For a fresher, getting a good job is the important thing on their mind. This is where Job Oriented Training help.

Mastering Communication

Presentation Skill / Presentation Delivery.
Effective Writing Skills.
Effective Listening Skills.
Interview Skills.
Effective Public Speaking.
Managerial Communication.


Mastering Online Communication

Telephonic Etiquette
Email Etiquette
Business Mail
Online Chat
Social Media Skill
Video Conferencing Skill


Soft Skill and Life Skill

Introduction to life skills and and its importance
Positive Thinking
Goal Setting
Time Management
Analytical Skill
Personality Development
Power Dressing
Personal Groming for men and women

JOT Modules